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Cadicle Universe by A.K. DuBoff


By A.K. DuBoff

A timeless space opera epic begins...


The Cadicle series follows three generations of the pivotal Sietinen Dynasty as they learn their part in an elaborately orchestrated galactic conflict. Torn by politics, love, and war, the Cadicle and those he holds most dear must choose between duty and morality as the truth about a secret war unfolds. Through their roles as Agents in the Tararian Selective Service, they will be on the front lines of space battles, but the political skirmishes they must face on Tararia could prove just as dangerous. 

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A secret war. A galactic empire in crisis. One final hope for victory.

Wil Sietinen is driven by duty. Second in line to a powerful family dynasty, the young telekinetic would rather be designing starships than employing his formidable abilities as a military leader and strategist. But after he’s kidnapped by an aggressive alien race, the peace-minded noble discovers they’ve been covertly warring for centuries.

Learning he’s been bred through generations of selective pairing to be the one to end the conflict, Wil discovers the dark intentions for his extraordinary gifts. His mission calls for genocide, and he faces an impossible choice with the fate of his civilization hanging by a thread.

Caught in a moral dilemma amidst an insidious conspiracy, can Wil secure his galactic empire's survival?

A timeless space opera epic with adventure, romance, and intrigue, the Cadicle series spans three generations as one noble family challenges destiny to win a war and lead a revolution that will change the course of an empire.


About the first book Rumors ofar

"Enjoyable, galaxy-spanning epic series. [...] Appealing characters and detailed worldbuilding draw the reader into a tale of politics, sabotage, kidnapping, telekinesis, and clones. [...] DuBoff weaves together sympathetic characters, an intriguing plot, devious villains, exciting space adventure, and hopes pinned on a chosen savior."   

- Publisher's Weekly

Audiobooks are available on Audible, or read the complete  series in Kindle Unlimited!


* Also available as                                      , the complete series boxset

Books in the Series
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