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Cadicle Universe by A.K. DuBoff


By A.K. DuBoff

A timeless space opera epic begins...


The Cadicle series follows three generations of the pivotal Sietinen Dynasty as they learn their part in an elaborately orchestrated galactic conflict. Torn by politics, love, and war, the Cadicle and those he holds most dear must choose between duty and morality as the truth about a secret war unfolds. Through their roles as Agents in the Tararian Selective Service, they will be on the front lines of space battles, but the political skirmishes they must face on Tararia could prove just as dangerous. 

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A secret war. An empire in crisis. One final hope for victory.

Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the Tararian Selective Service's most promising telekinetic Agent trainee, Wil is expected to be nothing short of exceptional in every way—even though the weight of responsibility is slowly crushing him. 

When Wil is captured by the Bakzen, a mysterious race skilled in advanced telekinesis, he learns he is the prophesied Cadicle. Foretold to have powerful abilities unlike any other, he can help end a secret war waging within a hidden dimensional rift, and time is running out.

However, as the dire nature of the war and the truth about his own abilities begins to unfold, Wil realizes that he and his family are at the center of a generations-old galactic conspiracy. Enemies are not as they seem, and the future of the entire Taran Empire hangs in the balance. 

Wil holds the key to victory, but saving his people may come at the ultimate price.

A timeless space opera epic with adventure, coming-of-age, romance, and intrigue, the Cadicle series spans three generations as one family challenges destiny to win a war and lead a revolution that will change the course of an empire.


About the first book Rumors ofar

"Enjoyable, galaxy-spanning epic series. [...] Appealing characters and detailed worldbuilding draw the reader into a tale of politics, sabotage, kidnapping, telekinesis, and clones. [...] Drawing on classic science fiction themes from DuneEnder's Game, and Firefly, DuBoff weaves together sympathetic characters, an intriguing plot, devious villains, exciting space adventure, and hopes pinned on a chosen savior."   

- Publisher's Weekly

Audiobooks are available on Audible, or read the complete  series in Kindle Unlimited!


* Also available as                                      , the complete series boxset

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