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Set in the expansive Aeon 14 space opera universe created by M. D. Cooper, Serenity is a book duology following young mechanic Terry as she seeks to shift the balance of power in the feudal Serenity Ordus.

The old rule must end...


Since the ancient days, the Serenity Ordus has been ruled by the five houses of the High Table, each controlling a moon of the Klemperer Rosette. 

Terry left Serenity, searching for a new life amongst the stars, but after a taste of the greater universe, she wants to return home to a place she understands.

But the galaxy has other plans for her, and Terry's return is fraught with danger—both to herself and the Ordus.

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Explore the Aeon 14 Universe

The Aeon 14 universe created by M. D. Cooper is filled with exciting space opera adventures!

Books in the Serenity Series
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