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Amy has always loved science fiction—books, movies, shows, and games. She was born in San Diego, California, and moved with her family to Vancouver, Washington, at the age of seven. After devouring some of the classics like Dune and Ender's Game in her tween years, she began writing science fiction and fantasy short stories.

In the ensuing years, Amy attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where she continued to study creative writing, visual art and played viola in the school orchestra. During this time, she began the very early sketches of what would eventually evolve into the Cadicle series.

Amy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University, and also pursued minors in Professional Writing and Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and began working in business development for an energy efficiency consulting firm. Over the next several years, she primarily wrote proposals to prospective utility clients and managed the proposal development process. She then transitioned from energy efficiency into the architectural, engineering and planning industry. However, she eventually succumbed to the writing bug.

Now a full-time author, Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.




1. I began writing the Cadicle series when I was twelve years old, though the early concepts were formed a couple years prior. Being the late-1990s at the time, the original backup method was a copy on a 3.5” floppy disk. I still have that original disk, simply labeled “Book”.

2. Wil's capture scene at the beginning of Veil of Reality was the original opening to the series.


3. When I started working on the Cadicle project, I initially conceived it as a single two-part novel—what is now Veil of Reality, and then a second part for the Bakzen War. Needless to say, the scope has expanded since then.


4. The names of main characters were all chosen for their meaning. Wil means “resolute protector”.


5. The characters of Cris and Kate were inspired by Quinn and Wade from “Sliders”, my first fandom obsession in fourth grade.


6. Originally, the Tararian Selective Service (TSS) was the Dimensional Secret Service (DSS).


7. When I began working on the series, it was originally far more Earth-centric. In that initial context, I made a decision early on that Wil’s birthday was January 1, 2000—the first day of the new millennium in a year of the Dragon under the Chinese calendar. Saera is four months younger than Wil; that means that she was fifteen-and-a-half-years old in October 2015 and Wil was just shy of sixteen—their exact ages at the time of the Bonds of Resolve release. I'd like to say this was some magnificent master plan, but it was a purely perfect coincidence.


8. Given the timeline established above, Wil and Sara's visit to Earth in Web of Truth will take place in March 2021.


9. The Taran characters use alternate swear words to differentiate their cultural origins. Saera and Michael use the conventional words we know on Earth because they grew up here.


10. Volume 6, Path of Justice, includes intentional references to the opening books in the series. For example, the farewell scene at the end of the book specifically mirrors one of Cris' conversations with Scott in Architects of Destiny, and many of the events echo those from the initial books. My intention was for Volumes 6 and 7 to come full circle. In many ways, Cris, Wil, and Saera are very damaged characters, but the characterization of the new generation is a reflection of the people that the prior generations of characters had always wanted to be, had their circumstances been different.

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