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Aesen (Ay-sen) - The foundational energy of the universe; pure energy capable of being shaped into any form. Aesen energy exists on in a higher dimension and can be drawn upon to perform feats of telekinesis.

Aesir (Ay-seer) - A mysterious group of people known to be of Taran descent that live on the outskirts of explored space, engaging in metaphysical pursuits.

Agent - A class of officer within the TSS reserved for those with telekinetic and telepathic gifts. There are three levels of Agent based on level of ability: Primus, Sacon and Trion.


Ateron (at-er-on) - An element that oscillates between normal space and subspace, facilitating high levels of telekinetic energy transfer.

Baellas (bAy-las) - A corporation run by the Baellas Dynasty, producing housewares, clothing, furniture, and other textiles for use across the Taran civilization. Additional specialty lines managed by other smaller corporations are licensed to Baellas for distribution.

Bakzen (Bak-zen) - A militaristic race living beyond the outer colonies. All Bakzen are clones, with individuals differentiated by war scars. Officers are highly intelligent and possess extensive telekinetic abilities. Drones are conditioned to follow orders but still possess moderate telekinetic capabilities.


Bakzen War - A centuries-long conflict waged primarily in a secret spatial rift, with the TSS fighting on behalf of the Taran civilization.

Cadicle (Kad-i-kl) - The definition of individual perfection in the Priesthood’s founding ideology, with the emergence of the Cadicle heralding the start to the next stage of evolution for the Taran race.


Course Rank (CR) - The official measurement of an Agent’s ability level, taken at the end of their training immediately before graduation from Junior Agent to Agent. The Course Rank Test is a multi-phase examination, including direct focusing of telekinetic energy into a testing sphere. The magnitude of energy focused during the exercise is the primary factor dictating the Agent’s CR.


Dainetris Dynasty (Dayn-ee-tris) - Formerly a seventh High Dynasty, the Dainetris Dynasty was responsible for ship manufacturing before its fall from power.


Earth - A planet occupied by Humans, a divergent race of Tarans. Considered a “lost colony,” Earth is not recognized as part of the Taran government.

Gifts - The colloquial term used to describe a variety of telepathic and telekinetic abilities, ranging from simple mind-reading, to object levitation, to manipulating energy fields on small or large scales. These Gifts typically emerge between the age of sixteen to eighteen. Before the Priesthood’s fall, all but telepathy were illegal; since then, telekinesis has been legalized for non-violent applications. The TSS remains the foremost training institution for those with abilities.


H2 - The nickname for the TSS headquarters in the rift. The facility was created to serve as a base of operations for the Bakzen War.

High Commander - The officer responsible for the administration of the TSS. Always an Agent from the Primus class.


High Dynasties - Six families on Tararia that control the corporations critical to the functioning of Taran society. The “Big Six” each have a designated Region on Tararia, which is the seat of their power. The Dynasties in aggregate form an oligarchical government for the Taran colonies. In descending order of recognized influence, the Dynasties are: Sietinen, Vaenetri, Makaris, Monsari, Talsari, and Baellas.

Independent Jump Drive - A jump drive that does not rely on the SiNavTech beacon network for navigation, instead using a mathematical formula to calculate jump positions through normal space and the Rift.


Initiate - The second stage of the TSS training program for Agents. A trainee will typically remain at the Initiate stage for two or three years.


Jotun (Yo-tun) - The codename assigned to the division of the TSS dedicated to the war in the rift, based in H2..


Jump Drive - The engine system for travel through subspace. Conventional jump drives require an interface with the SiNavTech navigation system and subspace navigation beacons.


Junior Agent - The third stage of the TSS training program for Agents. A trainee will typically remain at the Junior Agent stage for three to five years.

Lead Agent - The highest ranking Agent and second in command to the High Commander. The Lead Agent is responsible for overseeing the Agent training program and frequently serves as a liaison for TSS business with Taran colonies.


Leaving (Left) - An act of stepping away from one’s life while still in possession of physical and mental capacities. Individuals that exercise this final rite feel that their life is complete and wish to die peacefully in private or with their spouse. Most commonly, an individual will Leave in the night and document instructions for carrying out their final wishes.


Lower Dynasties - There are 247 recognized Lower Dynasties in Taran society. Many of these families have a presence on Tararia, but some are residents of the other inner colonies.

Makaris Corp (Mak-ayr-is) - A corporation run by the Makaris High Dynasty responsible for the distribution of food, water filters, and other necessary supplies to Taran colonies without diverse natural resources.

Monsari Power Solutions (MPS) (Mon-sayr-ee) - A corporation run by the Monsari Dynasty, responsible for power generation systems for the Taran worlds, including geothermal generators, portable generators, and reactors to power spacecraft.

Rift - A habitable pocket between normal space and subspace.


Sacon (Sak-on)The middle tier of TSS Agents. Typically, Sacon Agents will score a CR between 6 and 7.9.


Sietinen Dynasty (sIgh-tin-en) - High Dynasty overseeing the Third Region of Tararia, responsible for the SiNavTech navigation network. Considered the most powerful of the Taran dynasties.


Simultaneous Observation - The act of separating one’s consciousness from the physical self in order to observe multiple spatial planes (i.e., normal space, subspace, and the rift) at the same time.

SiNavTech - A corporation run by the Sietinen High Dynasty, which controls and maintains the subspace navigation network used by Taran civilians and the TSS.


Spatial Dislocation - The act of physically transitioning from normal space to the brink of subspace, either by means of a jump drive or telekinetic abilities.

Starstone - An extremely rare gem. Only ten such gem veins are known anywhere in the galaxy, and each of the six High Dynasties has claim to one. Only enough material for one set of wedding rings is produced by each vein every generation. Starstones emit a luminescent resonance when positioned near other stones cut from the same vein.

TalEx - A corporation run by the Talsari Dynasty, managing mining operations and ore processing across Taran territories.

Tarans (tayr-ans) - The general term for all individuals with genetic relation to Tararian ancestry. Several divergent races are recognized by their planet or system.

Tararia (Tayr-ayr-ee-a) - The home planet for the Taran race and seat of the central government.


Tararian (Tayr-ayr-ee-an) - Someone from or residing on the planet Tararia.

Tararian Selective Service (TSS) - A military organization with two divisions: (1) Agent Class, and (2) Militia Class. Agents possess telekinetic and telepathic abilities; the TSS is the only place where individuals with such gifts can gain official training. The Militia class offers a formal training program for those without telekinetic abilities, providing tactical and administrative support to Agents. The Headquarters is located inside the moon of the planet Earth. Additional Militia training facilities are located throughout the Taran colonies.


Trainee - The generic term for a student of the TSS, and also the term for first-year Agent students (when capitalized Trainee). Students are not fully “initiated” into the TSS until their second year.

Trion (Try-on) - The lowest tier of TSS Agents. Typically, Trion Agents will score a CR below 5.9.

Priesthood of the Cadicle - A formerly theological institution responsible for oversight of all governmental affairs and the flow of information throughout the Taran colonies. The Priesthood has jurisdiction over even the High Dynasties and provides a tiebreaking vote on new initiatives proposed by the High Dynasty oligarchy.

Primus (Pree-mus) - The highest of three Agent classes within the TSS, reserved for those with the strongest telekinetic abilities. Typically, Primus Agents will score a CR above 8.

Primus Elite - A new classification of Agent above Primus signifying an exceptional level of ability.


Vaenetri Dynasty (Vayn-E-tree) - High Dynasty overseeing the First Region of Tararia, generally considered the second most powerful. The family operates VComm, a corporation specializing in telecommunications.


VComm - A telecommunications corporation owned and operated by the Vaenetri Dynasty.

Voydite - A unique crystalline substance used to make the nanotube casings for PEMs. The Monsari Dynasty holds a complete monopoly on the secret source of the material.

Cadicle Universe by A.K. DuBoff
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