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Amy has always loved science fiction—books, movies, shows, and games. She was born in San Diego, California, and moved with her family to Vancouver, Washington, at the age of seven. After devouring some of the classics like Dune and Ender's Game in her tween years, she began writing science fiction and fantasy short stories.

In the ensuing years, Amy attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where she continued to study creative writing, visual art and played viola in the school orchestra. During this time, she began the very early sketches of what would eventually evolve into the Cadicle series.

Amy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University, and also pursued minors in Professional Writing and Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and began working in business development for an energy efficiency consulting firm. Over the next several years, she primarily wrote proposals to prospective utility clients and managed the proposal development process. She then transitioned from energy efficiency into the architectural, engineering and planning industry. However, she eventually succumbed to the writing bug.

Now a full-time author, Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.



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Some secrets are worth protecting...

Tension is mounting in the rift. With the situation dire, Wil is tasked to train a group of twenty young men to serve as his officers—collectively, the Primus Elites. He has five years to raise them to full Agents, and he'll need every minute. Training alongside them, and with Saera at his side, Wil still needs to master simultaneous observation. But, the closer he gets to achieving the feat, the more likely the Aesir will come to test him--to see if he's worthy of the Cadicle title bestowed on him at conception. If he can survive their test, he'll finally uncover the truth the Priesthood has gone to such great lengths to hide.

Web of Truth is the fourth installment in the Cadicle series. This character-driven novel with action, romance, and intrigue reveals the true nature of the war as Wil learns the secrets behind the Bakzen's origins.

PLOT SYNOPSIS - Web of Truth (Cadicle Vol. 4)

Three years later, the conditions with the war in the rift are deteriorating, and the TSS needs Wil to jump in as soon as possible. Wil is tasked to train a group of twenty young men to serve as his officers—collectively, the Primus Elites. He has five years to raise them to full Agents. He selects his group, one of which is Saera's childhood friend from Earth, Michael.


Before training begins, Wil takes Saera to Tararia to introduce her to his grandparents. He's informed that they could never marry because Saera is from Earth and is therefore not a legal Taran citizen. Wil and Cris are trying to figure out a workaround when Saera recognizes her long-lost mother, one of the Sietinen advisors, Marina—making Saera a legal Taran citizen by extension. Marina reveals that the Priesthood sent her to Earth to find a specific man and have a child with him, and she now realizes it was all a master plan to have a complementary partner to the Cadicle. Despite knowing their entire relationship was a setup, Wil and Saera know their feelings are genuine. He proposes to her and makes a deal to license his independent jump drive design to his grandparents.


Back at Headquarters, Wil begins training the Primus Elites. After years of training, there's a mysterious lockdown at Headquarters, and Wil and Banks realize the Aesir must be behind it. They will eventually come to test Wil to see if he's worthy of the Cadicle title. 


Wil arranges a special "internship" for Saera on Earth, where she can face and conquer the demons from her past. While on the planet, they meet up with Michael's father and learn that he was sent to Earth to watch over Saera after her mother left her with her father. After returning to Headquarters, Saera graduates to Agent, and soon thereafter Wil and Saera marry in the TSS spaceport.  


Meanwhile, Tek and Haersen plot an overthrow of the Bakzen Imperial Director, and Tek installs himself as the preeminent Bakzen leader. Haersen has also undergone gene therapy to make him more like the Bakzen, which also establishes it would be possible to transform the rest of the Taran population.


Two years later, Wil is finally close to mastering simultaneous observation when the Aesir come for him. The Aesir inform Banks that there's a lost heir to a seventh High Dynasty, Dainetris. The Aesir take Wil on a ship to the Nexus, where he is tasked with reading a truth woven into the energy fabric of the universe. He sees the truth that has been kept from him: the Bakzen started out as Tarans, the result of the Priesthood's genetic experimentations. Wil returns to Headquarters and gets the rest of the truth from Banks, learning the extent of the Priesthood's manipulations that also resulted in the loss of telekinetic abilities in much of the general Taran population. However, Wil's genetic line might hold the key to repairing the genetic code damaged during the Priesthood's interventions. Either way, the Bakzen aren't the same race as they began—they have engineered themselves to be an enemy and must be stopped.

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