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The Cadicle Universe is home to epic space opera tales in an interconnected story universe. These stories center around the Taran Empire—the ancestors of humans—who are waiting for the day when the people of Earth will rejoin the galactic empire.

Vanquish in space.jpg

By A.K. DuBoff

Dive into the epic space opera where it all began...

High Dynasty heir Wil Sietinen is torn between his military duties to the Tararian Selective Service and the politics of the Taran Empire when he discovers that he's at the center of a galactic conspiracy involving genetic engineering and a secret war in a dimensional rift. With the future of their people at stake, Wil and his family embark on a decades-long quest to save the Taran civilization from certain destruction. 

Tarab Empire Saga Book 1 cover - new.png

By A.K. DuBoff

The reborn Taran Empire faces a new menace...

The Taran Empire is a direct sequel to the original Cadicle space opera series; it can be read as a standalone series.

The spatial rift from the Bakzen War is growing again, and an alien presence is trying to force its way through. While the military prepares for battle, Tararia's High Dynasties struggle to unite their empire as Earth is finally brought back into the Taran fold. 

3_Rogue Messenger v2.jpg

By R.L. Blalock & A.K. DuBoff

A mysterious girl will change the course of an empire...

The Fallen Dynasty series is set 200 years before the end of the Bakzen War. When Airion Dainetris, the third heir to the Dainetris Dynasty, finds a strange girl with incredible powers, he is thrown into a war he didn’t even know was brewing. As everyone turns against them, Airion and his new friend Bryn must find a way to uncover an ancient secret and bring justice to Tararia.

3_Shadow Beyond the Reach_v4 - character

By Lucinda Pebre & A.K. DuBoff

Evil lurks in the shadows...

Kali's temper has put her in jeopardy of graduating to a TSS Agent. Her internship is her final test—and her final chance. The trouble is that the simple mission just got complicated. A mysterious man, Tregaren, seeks immortality. It’s his right, no matter how many lives he must destroy. With time running out, only Kali can stop Tregaren... or die trying.​​

Book 4_Mindspace - Endgame.jpg

By A.K. DuBoff

A new alien threat has its sights on the Taran Empire...

Mindspace is a standalone story arc set after the events in the original Cadicle series and before the Taran Empire Saga. Captain Kira Elsar, a telepath in the Tararian Guard, goes undercover to gather information about illegal nanotech research. She is soon torn between her home planet and her loyalties to the military as she struggles to prevent a stellar civil war while battling a body-snatching alien foe.

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In Darkness Dwells v8 - red.jpg

By James Fox & A.K. DuBoff

Danger lurks in the depths of space...

After encountering a string of dead-end salvage targets, Captain Hailey Suro decides to venture into a forbidden nebula with the hope of striking it rich. However, an accident followed by several strange incidents soon spells disaster for the small crew of the Andvari. As the problems add up, the mission is no longer about fulfilling their contract—but trying to make it out alive.

1_Verity v3.jpg

By T.S. Valmond & A.K. DuBoff

Freedom comes at a price...

TSS Agent Joe Anderson's undercover assignment in the outer colonies seems tedious until he makes his way onto a cargo ship. Captain Iza Sundari comes from nothing, but she’s fought to carve out a life of relative freedom for herself with her eclectic crew. Except, with hidden agendas at every turn, Iza will have to cross a line she swore she never would to protect her ship and her friends.

The Cadicle Universe is expanding!

New series with talented co-authors will be launching soon.

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