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Cadicle Universe by A.K. DuBoff


By T.S. Valmond & A.K. DuBoff

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Captain Iza Sundari came from nothing, but she’s fought to carve out a life for herself with her eclectic crew on a ship of her own. Captaining a ship is the closest thing to freedom she can find, but she’ll have to pay for it. And freedom comes at a steep price.


When a risky proposition leads to the perfect job, it seems Iza’s financial troubles might be over. But with hidden agendas at every turn, she’ll have to cross a line she swore she never would to protect her ship and crew.

The series includes:


  • Book 1: Exile 

  • Book 2: Divided Loyalties

  • Book 3: On the Run 


Set in the Cadicle Universe, the Verity Chronicles is a sequel to the original Cadicle space opera series. It can be read as a standalone series.


A grifter, a gambler, an android, a spy—and those are the good guys!

TSS Agent Joe Anderson has a problem with authority. They say he’s insubordinate... or so it's called when you punch a superior officer during a routine training exercise.


With no other place for him, Joe is shipped off to the outer colonies to run undercover surveillance. The assignment seems tedious until he makes his way onto a newly purchased cargo ship.

Veity Chronicles Extras
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