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Amy has always loved science fiction—books, movies, shows, and games. She was born in San Diego, California, and moved with her family to Vancouver, Washington, at the age of seven. After devouring some of the classics like Dune and Ender's Game in her tween years, she began writing science fiction and fantasy short stories.

In the ensuing years, Amy attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where she continued to study creative writing, visual art and played viola in the school orchestra. During this time, she began the very early sketches of what would eventually evolve into the Cadicle series.

Amy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University, and also pursued minors in Professional Writing and Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and began working in business development for an energy efficiency consulting firm. Over the next several years, she primarily wrote proposals to prospective utility clients and managed the proposal development process. She then transitioned from energy efficiency into the architectural, engineering and planning industry. However, she eventually succumbed to the writing bug.

Now a full-time author, Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.



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Some missions need a personal touch.

After learning a race of telepathic aliens was behind her transformation into a Robus, Captain Kira Elsar wants answers.

As the only person to have successfully communicated with the aliens, Kira is the best person to learn their enemy’s true intentions. Embarking on a daring recon mission places Kira and her team in the greatest danger they have ever faced, but there’s no time to play it safe. The aliens are gearing up for a sinister power play, and Kira’s home system—the Elvar Trinary—is ground zero.

Kira must try to get inside the mind of the enemy to stop the attack before it begins. Except, Kira is part of the aliens’ master plan, and every action she takes may be playing directly into their hands.

PLOT SYNOPSIS - Offensive (Mindspace Book 3)

A week after being infected with experimental nanotech that turned her into an alien hybrid called a Robus, Captain Kira Elsar of the Tararian Guard is learning to embrace her new abilities. However, her transformations are painful and random, putting her and her team at risk.

To mitigate the dangers, the Tararian Guard arranges for Kira to be paired with an AI named Jasmine. With a new friend and team member inside her head, Kira and her covert ops team embark on a recon mission to investigate the Gaelon System, suspected to be the base of operations for the mysterious telepathic aliens that subverted the Mysaran chancellor and Colonel Kaen in the Guard. Nicknamed the Trol, these beings appear to control their hosts using an artificial structure in the brain dubbed a ‘telepathic receptor’, or TR.

Further investigations by Kira’s scientist boyfriend, Leon, and his team reveal that Kira has an innate resistance to the aliens’ telepathic influence because of the properties on their homeworld, Valta. Those Valtans who manifested telepathic abilities—like Kira—have resistance, but anyone else who’s ingested Valtan material is at increased risk for alien subversion. Leon and Doctor Elric roll out a testing program for the Guard and everyone in the Elvar Trinary.

Leon’s sister, Ellen, has been working on Mysar to rebuild the planet’s government after Chancellor Hale’s death. She’s having a difficult time identifying suitable leadership candidates, and her search leads her to discover a dark, startling truth about the extent of the Trol infiltration in the government. A secret underground facility appears to have been the heart of the aliens’ operations.

Kira and her team discover a dwarf planet in Gaelon, which is emitting a strange signal. They investigate on the surface and discover an underground facility, at the center of which is a cavern composed of valteron, the same mineral as that found in the neural TR structure. The team comes across a narrow, kilometer-deep pit in the ground where Kira hears a chorus of Trol voices. While trying to escape the underground facility, Kira is snared by the floor and walls, which seem to turn to sentient particles in an instant. The team barely escapes.

Back at the Orion Station Guard base, the broader team pieces together that the dwarf planet is a massive transmitter—and it appears that it is oriented to allow remote telepathic control of forces to invade the core Taran worlds. The planetary alignment presumed to allow the device to function will happen in a matter of days. They need to act.

The Guard attempts to get a specialized TSS ship to destroy the dwarf planet, but there isn’t time. Instead, the team devises a plan to dissolve the Trol stronghold using scaled-up version of the chemical cocktail that proved effective in dissolving neural TRs.

Aside from the complications of getting the chemicals manufactured and transported in time, information also comes to light that there is a Trol pit on Mysar—and the chancellor’s Trol possessor, Reya, is still residing in this refuge. Working with Ellen on Mysar, Kira’s team identifies the exact location of the pit so they can launch a simultaneous strike on Mysar and Gaelon.

Chemicals aren’t enough. The strange signal observed in Gaelon is critical to the valteron mineral structures maintaining their form. To destroy the Trols, the team needs to disrupt the signal.

With the Guard fleet surrounding the Gaelon dwarf planet, Kira forms a telepathic link with the Trol—transmitting the disruptive signal with her mind. The ships deploy the chemicals, breaking apart the planet at the same time the pit on Mysar is destroyed. The Trol threat appears to be eliminated.

Kira and Leon aren’t convinced. They assumed the Trol transmitter was designed to send a signal toward the inner Taran worlds, but perhaps they’d had it backward the whole time. There might be other Trols out there, and they could arrive at any time.

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