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The Cadicle Universe is growing!

I'm thrilled to announce that several several co-authors are coming on board to to help me grow the Cadicle Universe.

There are too many stories in this universe for me to tell on my own, and I can't write quickly enough on my own to satisfy reader demand. I have always loved editing, so getting the opportunity to work with up and coming authors is a win-win all around. I will keep a strong hand in structuring, reviewing, and editing all books writing in the universe, so you don't have to worry about consistency or a wildly different authorial voice.

I'm super excited by the story ideas we're developing right now, and I look forward to sharing the details. For now, I can say that we are developing concepts related to:

  • The Taran Revolution/split of the Priesthood

  • The fall of the Dainetris Dynasty

  • The fate of one of the captive women on the island after she joins the TSS

  • Post-War impacts of the mysterious neurotoxin

This is just the start of exciting new things to come. These stories will all be written as standalone books/series, but we're weaving in lots of connections to the core Cadicle books and upcoming Taran Empire Saga. 

Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be introducing you to the co-authors and their stories (in no particular order). Please join me in welcoming these wonderful authors to the universe!

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