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Empire Reborn is a semifinalist in the SPSFC!

Exciting news! Empire Reborn is a semi-finalist in the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition (or SPSFC), which is a new sci-fi novel contest run by Hugh Howey. This is the second year of the competition. Approximately 300 books were in the first round, and I'm now in the Top 30.

I'm really proud of Empire Reborn and I'm thrilled that the judges enjoyed it. It'll be a few more months before I know if it's advancing to the Finals or not (only the Top 7 move on), but I'm extremely honored to have made it this far.

One thing that made me especially happy was that the judges last round said the book was indistinguishable from a traditionally published book in terms of its presentation. Considering I do all of my own formatting, editing (with the help of my amazing volunteer beta readers and proof readers), and I even did the cover on this one, it's validating to know that my attention to detail did not go unnoticed. I have always strived for quality of quantity--possibly to my own career detriment--but it's something I believe is important.

Thank you to everyone who's delved into the Cadicle Universe with me and made it possible for me to write the book.

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