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PRESS RELEASE: The Cadicle Series is being adapted for TV




James Fox

Cadicle Novels to Become TV Series

The Cadicle space opera book series by A.K. DuBoff is being adapted for television

CALIFORNIA ­­– Filmmakers James Fox and Darrell Gabonia have partnered with Nebula-nominated author A.K. DuBoff to develop a television adaptation of her Cadicle space opera book series.

The Cadicle series includes many elements enjoyed by modern and classic sci-fi fans alike, including space adventure, political intrigue, telekinetic and telepathic abilities, and characters challenging their preordained destinies.

Fox and Gabonia, being no strangers to the sci-fi and fantasy genres, have previously collaborated on the award-winning fantasy web-series, “Dorkcore.” Adapting DuBoff’s epic book series offers an exciting new challenge.

“It is a uniquely powerful experience to handle the adaptation of a story I care deeply about as a fan,” says Fox. “The Cadicle Universe is a vast playground of interwoven plot arcs, deep characters, and massive system-spanning political intrigue. When I read it, I knew it was meant to be on the screen.”

Fox has recently been in the spotlight for his numerous festival accolades. In 2019, his pilot script, “Sol,” garnered 30 selections and 15 placements. He is attached to four other shows currently in-development.

“I’m delighted to be working with James Fox and Darrell Gabonia on this adaptation,” says DuBoff. “I’d always dreamed of seeing this story on the screen, and I’m ecstatic to have found such a creative, gifted team to help translate my original vision into a script.”

The Cadicle story is set in modern day, where Earth is a rogue colony of the technologically advanced Taran Empire spanning the galaxy. In the first book, Rumors of War, Saera is a human from Earth who’s recruited by the Jedi-like Tararian Selective Service (TSS) to train in telekinesis. It’s here she meets star TSS trainee and heir to the Sietinen Dynasty, Wil. Torn between his duties to the TSS and Taran Empire, Wil discovers that he is at the center of a generations-old galactic conspiracy involving genetic engineering and a secret war in a dimensional rift. Wil’s unlikely relationship with Saera sets them on a path to change the course of the Empire.

The original Cadicle book series consists of seven volumes, featuring an ensemble, multigenerational cast. With themes related to coming-of-age, the toll of war, and corrupting force of power, the series has plenty for both YA and adult audiences.

The Cadicle television series is still in the early stages of development and is currently looking for a showrunner. It does not yet have a release date.


About James Fox

James Fox graduated with a BFA in both Directing and Producing, and he is the Founder and CEO of Dawnrunner Inc. With 14 action-packed years in the film industry, he has led the company through numerous award-winning projects, all across the world. His most recent project as Producer, “Dorkcore,” finished a successful festival tour and attracted the interest of several networks. While his current feature documentary, “Urban Beats & Ancient Melodies,” continues to film across the world, he writes, directs, produces and finds time for philanthropy. He has been recognized for his passion and determination to advance the industry through education and outreach, and has spoken at events like, GPU Technology Conference, NAB, Seattle International Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, and dedicates his time and energy on several advisory boards, and through partnerships with children’s arts education organizations. His creativity and technical street-smarts have labeled him a visionary for the future of visual storytelling through new methods and technological innovations.

About Darrell Gabonia

Darrell Gabonia is a filmmaker from Hilo, Hawaii. After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he worked in Los Angeles as an intern at nonprofit 826LA where he tutored inner city students in creative writing. He also interned at talent management company Principato-Young. In 2015, he wrote and directed the fantasy web series “Dorkcore,” which won a Silver Award for Directing at the Los Angeles Film Review.

About A.K. DuBoff

A.K. (Amy) DuBoff is a Nebula Award finalist and USA Today bestselling indie author specializing in space opera and science-fantasy. Dubbed by her readers a modern “Queen of Space Opera,” she is most known for her acclaimed Cadicle Universe. The second book in her standalone Dark Stars Trilogy, A Light in the Dark, was a 2018 Nebula finalist for the Andre Norton Award. Amy’s short fiction has been published by NewCon Press, Seventh Seal Press, and in numerous indie publications. She is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. To learn more, visit

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