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Introducing author Lucinda Pebre

I'm excited to announce a new addition to the Cadicle Universe: Lucinda Pebre!

The "Shadowed Space" series will be set several years after the end of Scions of Change. The main character is one of the captives liberated at the end of the book from the island, answering questions about what happened after those major events.


About the first book

Kali Wietris wants nothing more than to become an Agent in the Tararian Selective Service. In this elite telekinetic branch of the Taran military, she can use her abilities to help people and fight for justice. The only thing standing between Kali and graduation is her final internship.

However, lingering emotional scars from her time as a captive of the corrupt Priesthood have left Kali with a short temper, seriously calling into question her suitability as a TSS Agent. Not only will her internship require Kali to venture into the unknown, but the case is all too similar to her own history... by design.

Someone is kidnapping women on the outer planets. When Kali is assigned to investigate the involvement of a blues band in the abductions, it seems simple. Little does she know the disappearances are part of a larger rising threat, and the TSS greatly underestimated what they’re sending her into.

With time running out for one woman, graduating becomes the least of Kali’s worries. She must risk everything to confront the evil lurking in the shadows.


A brief chat with the author

Below is a brief Q&A so you can start getting to know Lucinda and some of her interests.

When did you first develop an interest in writing?

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a reader and always known that one day I would be a writer. I thought everyone made up stories in the head all the time; standing at the bus stop, cooking tea and sitting on the toilet. It’s embarrassing how long I believed that was the case but, in my defense, it isn’t something you talk about with people.

I seriously started writing sometime in 2014. It was after reading a series of books that were poorly written (I’m not saying who the author was, but she is still writing, and I’m still buying her books). I thought I could do better. Of course, it wasn’t true, but in my ignorance, I wrote a 70,000-word novel that nobody, not even my husband (especially not my husband) will ever read. It was that bad. Sometimes I like to look at it to see how far I’ve come.

After that, I started to learn about the writing process and my passion, story structure. What makes a compelling story? I wanted to create stories that people can escape into because that’s what I want in a novel. I listened to podcasts and read anything that I could find on writing. I joined a writing group and was lucky to get Laura Wake as a tutor. Laura is a fantastic author and person. She has such a passion for story – the darker, the better – and she always encouraged me to write what I love.

Do you have any books already published?

My first experience was writing fan fiction, and I was lucky enough to get that published under the name Lucinda Pebre. I have an urban fantasy series and published a stand-alone novella set in the Barathrum world. My first novel should have been published before now. It’s been to an editor, and with a little more work will be published, but I became distracted by the Cadicle universe, which is okay because I’m having a great time.

What attracted you to the Cadicle universe?

I’m not sure why I originally bought the series, but I read a lot and love anything to do with fantasy, science fiction, crime or paranormal romance. Someone might have recommended

the Cadicle series, or it might have come up in my Amazon feed and I took the chance. Whatever, I read so much that I didn’t realize that I owned anything Cadicle when I responded to Amy’s post asking for people to get in touch if they wanted an opportunity to co-write. Amazon told me I’d bought the first book on 3rd June 2017, and when I start to reread the series, I remembered it.

What are some of your other fandoms and interests, books or otherwise?

As a child, my favorite authors were Stephen King, Clive Barker, Sheri S Tepper and David Gemmill. Now, the authors that I’m compelled to buy any book that they put out include, off the top of my head; Lindsay Buroker, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Amy DuBoff, John Conroe, Ben Aaronovitch, Mark Henwick, Mark Lawrence, Anthony Ryan and Shannon Mayer.

Other than writing, my time is taken up with the day job, my dogs, yoga and running. My husband is a musician (sadly not rich and famous), so I get to see lots of live music. I don’t have time for TV but managed to watch Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. If anyone finds a way to stretch time, I’d give everything I own (except my dogs) to learn the secret so I can do more.

Please join me in welcoming Lucinda Pebre to the Cadicle Universe!

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