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Amy has always loved science fiction—books, movies, shows, and games. She was born in San Diego, California, and moved with her family to Vancouver, Washington, at the age of seven. After devouring some of the classics like Dune and Ender's Game in her tween years, she began writing science fiction and fantasy short stories.

In the ensuing years, Amy attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, where she continued to study creative writing, visual art and played viola in the school orchestra. During this time, she began the very early sketches of what would eventually evolve into the Cadicle series.

Amy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University, and also pursued minors in Professional Writing and Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and began working in business development for an energy efficiency consulting firm. Over the next several years, she primarily wrote proposals to prospective utility clients and managed the proposal development process. She then transitioned from energy efficiency into the architectural, engineering and planning industry. However, she eventually succumbed to the writing bug.

Now a full-time author, Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.



3_Shadow Beyond the Reach_v5 - character


Terror attacks are ravaging the Outer Colonies.

SPEAR has been operating in the shadows for decades, building power and influence. When the organization targets the TSS, it threatens to undermine the fragile stability in the remote region.

SPEAR’s offer? Protection for those willing to give allegiance. But their true aim had dire implications for the entire Taran race. With TSS’ resources already strained, Kali is left with limited backup to stand against the growing menace.

Stretched to their breaking point, Kali and Mika must find a way to strike at the heart of SPEAR and prevent more worlds from falling victim to their dark designs. As the sinister plots against the Taran Empire begin to unfold, can Kali and her companions prevent the Outer Colonies from descending into chaos?

PLOT SYNOPSIS - Shadow Beyond the Reach (Shadowed Space Book 3)

After being rescued from SPEAR’s secret base near Red Ghost, Kali and Mika take a TSS transport ship to a remote planet where they are reunited with Honk, Caryanne, and Viara. Owen, however, is still being held captive by SPEAR. Mac and Pesta are with Herja on the Hyperion.


Before the team can come up with a plan of action, Kali gets word of an attack perpetrated by SPEAR on a TSS outpost at Antaris, and Andy send her and Mika on the Sepaintia to help. They arrive to find a crumbling building, so they use their combined abilities to hold it together for as long as they can during the evacuation—drawing attention for the substantial feat.


On Glaendor, Treva is back in his dead father, Marco’s, apartment while his mother is still unconscious in the hospital after being pulled from the statis pod. His father’s former lover, Ava, attempts to step in as a guardian figure until his mother awakens, but Treva doesn’t trust her. Marco’s brother, Andrei, has stepped up to the public operations of the family business.


Herja and Gosta have reunited with their people on the city-ship Storm’s Breath, a dilapidated vessel housing all the remaining survivors from the destroyed planet, Roana. They are in desperate need of funds and repairs and have no funds.


When SPEAR announces a new target for their terrorism activities—a space station—Kali and Mika again go to render assistance. They are able to use their combined abilities to contain most of the bomb explosion and vent it to transdimensional space to save the station. Caught up in the celebratory moment afterward, Kali and Mika kiss. They realize that there are deeper feelings there, despite how bad a relationship between them looks on paper.


After Treva’s mother is released from the hospital, the members of the Bruisers band come to stay with Treva in his apartment. They find themselves locked in as Andrei’s captives, and they escape by setting a fire sneaking out on the roof.


Herja finds herself backed into a corner on the Storm’s Breath, with SPEAR demanding she hand over Mac and Pesta. With no option, they go willingly and enter the care of Pyra, Andrei’s assistant.


Treva finds himself trapped between his Uncle Andrei and grandmother, Maggie Steyn, whom he learns is really the one controlling things behind the scenes. Realizing that Andrei is up to something terrible, Treva calls for help from Herja and Kali. As the planet’s ports are locked down, they show up and converge at one of the abandoned surface ports.


As the time for using Pesta as a weapon on Glaendor draws near, Prya reveals to Owen that he is an undercover TSS Militia officer and helps Owen escape. Owen reunites with the rest of the band and Pyra sets out with Ava to stop Steyn under a tenuous alliance.


Andrei has been taking some kind of drug—or gene therapy—that is enhancing his abilities. He’s been working with the Erebus, and they seem to have provided this substance to him. He uses his new power to teleport Mika away from the standoff. He then grows translucent and begins to ascend.


Andrei kills Mac in an attempt to make Pesta release her potential. However, Pesta makes a conscious choice to not destroy Glaendor, instead taking Ava as her new tethered handler.


Working together Kali and Pesta are able to defeat Steyn. Kali is exhausted and worried about what happened to Mika, but he assures her he’s okay. Ava-Pesta leaves with Herja on the Hyperion.


Andy arrives to find Steyn’s empty clothes on the ground and no other sign of him. Prya was no expecting to make it through the encounter alive, but he has a bunch of TSS debriefs in his future.


Herja returns to her people, still in a tough spot, but they will find a solution like they always do.


Reunited with his mother, Treva has a bright future ahead, with the potential of joining the TSS as an Agent trainee in a few years.


Against Andy’s warnings, Kali can’t ignore her growing feelings for Mika. She bonds with him, and she begins a new assignment as a field Agent with him at her side.

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